The Problem of Mania Assumptions

I was just watching a show that Stephen Fry put together for the BBC on bipolar disorder, or manic-depressive disorder (an older term).

The one problem I had is that they kept describing mania as “fun” or “exhilarating” without going into the idea that some don’t experience it that way. I experience it myself as extreme irritability and I have trouble focusing. They did, however, talk to a woman who once attempted suicide by drilling into her skull with a power drill.

This resonated astoundingly to me. I can see the pain. I know that feeling. When your own mind won’t leave you alone, you feel helpless and at great pain. It’s so painful that people like myself accept moderate to severe side effects of medications rather than live with that pain.

I’m going to write more on medicinal side effects and the depressive part of bipolar 2 as I experience it, but I wanted to note this to A) promote Stephen Fry’s documentary and B) to correct what I saw as problematic due to its pervasive use of an understanding of mania that I do not share.

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