The Wall

Chemical reactions use catalysts to lower the energy barrier so a reaction can take place.

I want to use this as an experiential analogy to the equivalent “hitting a wall” found in both hypomania and depression in myself and in at least some other bipolar individuals.

Think about starting a project, of any size. There is a certain “catalyst” that a person has to have to get over that barrier to starting the project. In some people they are sufficiently motivated that their motivation works as a catalyst, and gets them over the wall.

I currently am experiencing a mild hypomanic phase. One might think, oh, this is good, now I can get a lot done. But that’s not always how it presents. In my case I can’t give the requisite concentration to get past the starting wall. In depression the case is somewhat worse in that all motivation is sucked from you. You simply can’t get up I heard of a woman with a similar reaction as myself in that sometimes we just stop, a temporal psychosomatic paralysis because we can’t deal with what’s going on.

Anyway, just a few thoughts unthinkable

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