Ideas On How To Continue In a Depressed State

I’m in a bit of a low currently.

It makes everything hard to do. Everything is difficult. Even moving is difficult. I think this often leads to the conclusion that depressed individuals are lazy. That’s incorrect in general. It is hard to explain to someone who’s never experienced it, but it’s like everything becomes a large exertion. Especially in the sense of an idea. To even contemplate doing something other than laying around requires more exertion than I think many people would believe.

This advice goes out mostly to those who are stable but suffer from bouts of depression. When in full blown depression these become strenuous beyond possibility.

So.. here we go…

1) Hygiene. Two reasons. A) you’ll feel better after a shower sometimes and B) lacking basic hygiene is a very affective way of promoting ones loneliness. It sounds like a joke, but it’s not. It’s not “ewww you’re gross” it’s “wow… wtf is wrong with that guy…”. It’s beyond the point of noticing you’re gross to the point of actively avoiding you.

2) Walk around if you can. Believe me I know how hard this can be. I’m trying to convince myself to do it after I write this down… we’ll see how that goes. Being sedentary is also weirdness that’s only good for making people worry about you. Maybe it’s just me but some of the pain associated with depression is relieved if I force myself to move around.

3) Do something you like to do. By that I mean something you like to do when you’re not depressed. When depressed nothing seems interesting, everything seems useless. But here I am writing this blog which I really don’t want to do but I know that I would want to if I were in a better state. I also sing from time to time, it’s my agent to reduce stress, which can aggravate a depressed state.

4) OK, here I must admit I’m a hypocrite. I have yet to be able to get myself to exercise regularly. It’s strenuous work on top of strenuous ideation. But I know it works for a lot of people. So… ya… if you can manage it, power to you. I’m still working on that one.

5) Or you can do what I’m doing right now.


Creative expression may be good for you. It seems to help me in other areas. Gives my brain a kick start, so I work with it.

OK… I finished this exertion… now time to keep going.

Be well,


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