Mental Health Advocacy and its Personal Consequences

There’s a bit of a problem with being an advocate for the mentally ill I’ve found in my case…

People know when they meet you that you are mentally ill.

This makes things… interesting to say the least.

I’m still totally unsure of how to deal with this. To be a little less heady than usual, it’s hard to get a date when they know up front that you’re bipolar. It’s something that you usually can just work up to… strange to have it up front.

But perhaps that’s better. Perhaps it’s better for someone to know upfront, then they can decide right then and there whether they want to pursue you or not.

I would like to date someday, but I will always be an advocate. I suppose we’ll see how this goes.

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One thought on “Mental Health Advocacy and its Personal Consequences

  1. I’ve never thought of it like that before. I’ve always been petrified of starting to date someone with it all going well and beginning the “I’ve got something to tell you” discussion. Mind you, being upfront about being bipolar hasn’t got me married or put on the most desirable bachelors’ list either.

    I hope you find someone one day.

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