Unfairness and Disability

Reality can hit the disabled quite hard. While many countries have developed methods to make sure to include the disabled as much as possible in everyday life, it doesn’t change the fact that the individual is disabled.

For example if you are paralyzed from the waist down, there is a lot of assistance you can make use of. However this doesn’t change the fact that you cannot move your legs in the normative fashion. Being disabled means precisely what it says regardless of what assistance measures can be given.

There are things an able bodied person can do that you cannot.

I think anybody who complains about measures to help the handicapped or disabled, or those who promote the idea of idiotic statements like “handicapable” should remember this.

You may be angry that the handicapped get nice parking spaces, or that the blind or deaf have assistances. Or in my own case you may be angry that I am allowed to take less than the minimum number of classes and still be a full-time student. But remember…

The blind still cannot see.

The deaf still cannot hear.

The parapalegic still cannot walk.

And I still cannot manage the number of classes that the average student can, and I still pay the same fees the average student pays.

It’s very hard to see the disability related problems unless you are often in contact with someone of a disability. For example, how long does it take you to shower? Imagine how much longer that would be if you didn’t have the use of your legs. How hard is it to justify why you need a crutch if you break you leg? Imagine how much harder it is to justify why you need antidepressants when there’s no physiological test that instantly shows that you have clinical depression.

I ask that people would think about any “unfairness” by accessibility options given to the handicapped and compare it to the true unfairness of being handicapped.

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