Say ‘Thank You’

This is just a quick thought:

If we’re lucky when we are seriously ill there is someone who will help us out. With regards to mental illness this often is not done terribly well. But there are people who are trying very hard as the caretaker or support for the mentally ill and still screw up, with the best intentions.

If you have someone who has supported you in times of trouble and illness, especially mental illness, you don’t always think to thank them because the state you’re can leave you barely able to comply do anything.

If such a person exists in your life, I would hope that you would try your best to say

“Thank you”

even if they screw up, as long as their intentions were good, they probably will find hearing that a nice thing. And when someone helps you with your needs, like putting your meds together or waking you up because the medication makes you drowsy or reminding you to eat if your med makes your hunger levels very low or helps you get where you need to go because you are not capable at that time for whatever reason, consider saying

“Thank you”

It could possibly mean a lot to them.



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One thought on “Say ‘Thank You’

  1. Bridget says:

    Thank You! You have been there for me in the darkest nights… Muah, Muah.

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